Guinataang Halo Halo

This would be perfect for this kind of weather.

zOld - Ang Sarap (A Tagalog word for "It's Delicious")

Guinataang Halo Halo

Guinataang Halo Halo or Binignit is a Filipino hot dessert / snack dish that is made out of different root crops (sweet potato, taro, yam and cassava), cardaba bananas , tapioca pearls, galapong (rice flour dough) and jack fruit served in a sweet coconut sauce. This odd combination is where it got its name from because when it is translated it means “different items cooked in coconut milk”.

If this is your first time being exposed to this dish it would look very weird because of the odd combination of ingredients, even South East Asians that I know never seen nor tried such dish but trust me this is really good and each ingredient works well with each other. Having said that I was intrigued on why even South East Asians or even Chinese have that reaction? Is this only found in the Philippines, are there no similar variations of…

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